baseball skills clinics

1 on 1 & Small Group Training

baseball skills clinics

ITN recognizes that there are times in a players’ development that they require the individualized attention necessary to allow them achieve their full potential. Each youth player develop skills independently and experience individual growth in their game at different times. This program will enhance players existing strengths and address their technical weaknesses in a low pressure environment while improving their overall confidence with the ball through repetition.

An agility ladder will be used to improve individual player’s strength, speed, balance, coordination and conditioning.

Technical weaknesses include:

  • Catching (stability, receiving, stance)
  • Pitching (mechanics, release point, grips, balance, tempo, symmetry)
  • Hitting (hands, alignment, stance)
  • Fielding (glove side, backside, transfer, release, footwork, agility, approach)


* Additional facility usage charge may be applicable
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