Summer Soccer College Prep Elite Training For High School & College Players

Advanced Training For Travel Premier High School and College Soccer Athletes

soccer prep for high school and college

Ages15-17 & 18-24
GenderBoys & Girls
Skill LevelAdvanced

Unfortunately High School and College soccer players in New Hampshire and Massachusetts are limited when it comes with high level training options during the summer months. College Prep Elite Training is set up for the Travel Premier * High School and College soccer player that wants to continue practicing and improving their game in the July and August months. Players will be surrounded by their peers that are as equally as strong as them so they’ll be challenged and pushed in every aspect of the game.


The first 15-20 minutes will focus on strength and stretching (dynamic and static) with a heavy concentration on injury prevention. ITN’s trainers have researched and developed an advanced program that will use core training, plyometrics, soccer yoga stretches, etc. to build player’s muscles, flexibility, and speed.

Training tools used will include agility ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, parachutes, ropes and rings.

The next 45 minutes will be skill specific with players rotating between trainers and stations each night for players are always moving and being challenged. Progressive teaching will take place and individual skill development will be the primary focus.

We will then move into 30 minutes of small sided games designed to put the specific skill taught into play. Games will be 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 to ensure that every player is involved, working hard with and without the ball, and competing.

The final 10-15 minutes will be spent as a cool down and stretching, again focusing on injury prevention. These advanced players are prime suspects for nagging injuries because they are not taught proper form, over abuse, not stretching, etc.

Weekly Q&A will also take place at the end on topics such as Nutrition, Mental Preparation and College Recruiting.

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DatesTimeLocationAgesGenderSkill Level & Price
7/18 - 22 '22 (All Skills Camp)9am-12pm/9am-3pmNashua, Westwood Park YMCA (Climate Controlled with AC)5-14 yrsBoys & GirlsAll, $200/$300
8/8 - 12 '22 (All Skills Camp)9am-12pm/9am-3pmNashua, Westwood Park YMCA (Climate Controlled with AC)5-14 yrsBoys & GirlsAll, $200/$300