Overnight Summer Soccer/Futsal Camps

Camp For Soccer Players Looking to Take Their Game To The Next Level

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GenderBoys & Girls
Skill LevelAll

In The Net’s overnight program offers a unique Soccer & FUTSAL camp experience for those players wanting to take their game to the next level. ITN realizes advanced players or players looking/wanting for that next step need something that a “day” camp just can’t provide … This overnight camp is the answer!

Daniel Webster College offers a nationally recognized, safe and beautiful campus with the highest quality food, residential dorms, and athletic facilities.

Camp Highlights

  • Premier NCAA Grass Field
  • State of the Art Indoor Facilities in Case of Rain & Where Daily Futsal Games/Training Will Take Place
  • Professional Level and Certified Soccer and Futsal Coaching – Including Goalie Specific
  • All Participants receive a Detailed Evaluation (Strengths & Weaknesses)
  • Game/Match Based Instruction for Ages 8 – 18 of All Levels
  • Soccer Tennis and 11v11 Tournaments
  • Evening XBOX Tournament
  • Individual Attention Focusing on Skill Development
  • Beautiful Daniel Webster Campus
  • Nationally Ranked Dining Services (All You Can Eat) and Exceptionally Clean Air Conditioned Dorms
  • Full Time Campus Security
  • 24 Hour Supervision
  • 24 Hour Nurse

Typical Day

  • Breakfast 7:00-8:00am
  • Day Camper Orientation 8:30-9:00am
  • Skills of the Day 9:00-9:30am
  • Group & Positional Practice 9:30am-12:30pm
  • Lunch/Rest Period 12:30-2:00pm
  • FUTSAL Training/Games 2:00-5:00pm
  • Day Campers Depart 5:00pm
  • Dinner and Rest Period 5:00-6:30pm
  • Match/Game Competition 6:30-7:15pm
  • Night Activities 7:30-9:30pm
  • Lights Out 10:00pm

Camp Options

  • Ages 8-18 Boys & Girls
  • Overnight Camp: The Full Experience … $575
  • Full Day Camp: 8:45a-7:15p … $425 (Lunch & Dinner Included)

Camp Discounts

  • Groups/Teams (8 or more) … $50 Off
  • Siblings … $25 Off
  • Early Bird (30 days prior) … $25

Items Needed
5-10 each of: Shorts, Socks, Shirts, Running Shoes, Futsal Shoes, Cleats, Shin Guards, Turfs, Ball, Jacket, Water Bottle, Sunscreen/Lotion, Personal Toiletries, Beach/Bath Towels, Alarm Clock, Twin-Size Sheets, Pillowcase, Snacks

Player’s Receive
2 Shirts, Written Detailed Evaluation

Check-in & Check-out Procedures
Overnight Player’s
In: Sunday between 6-8p at the Dormitory
Out: 11:30a-12p (parents will be permitted to assist their children in packing their bags and clearing out their dorm rooms. Once the campers’ coach has reviewed the room and given clearance, campers may depart).

Day Player’s
In: Monday between 8:30-9a at the soccer field
Out: 7:45p at the soccer field after signing a check-out form

WHAT DO I BRING (see above for equipment)
Signed Medical Release Form

Camp Policies and Rules
Parents – Please review the policies below with your children before the camp begins.

Campers must to show respect for the camp staff, other campers, and the facilities. Such respect includes, among other things, using proper language, listening to directions, treating one another kindly, maintaining cleanliness, caring for the property of other and the College, and respecting the privacy of the opposite sex. We expect our campers to have fun, but to behave themselves well.
Campers are responsible for their own property and possessions, including any equipment (e.g., ball, uniform kit) given to them as their personal property in the camp. In The Net Sports Academy and Daniel Webster College are not responsible for the loss of campers’ personal property, and will not replace lost balls or lost uniforms.
The Camp schedule is designed for the benefit of our campers. Campers, unless excused, are required to attend all camp training sessions. Children will not be allowed to remain in their dorm rooms while scheduled event take place. In addition, campers will be expected to be on time for all events, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Coaches and counselors will be doing careful head-counts throughout the day, and before all scheduled events Campers are required to remain in their dorms after lights-out (11 P.M.) and before wake-up (7 A.M.). This will be strictly enforced.
Unruly behavior, or failure to follow camp policies and rules, could lead to automatic dismissal from the camp, without refund, according to the discretion of the Camp Director.

Campers – I will:
1. Be respectful to my coaches and fellow campers. 2. Respect College property and dispose of trash properly. 3. Attend all soccer/futsal sessions and be there on time. 4. Close and lock my dorm door while I am not present. 5. (if I am a girl) stay in the girls dorm area; (if I am a boy) stay in the boys dorm area. 6. Stay in my room and sleep/rest after 11 P.M. at night, and before 7 A.M. in the morning. 7. Wear my shin-guards in all soccer and futsal activities. 8. Wear a shirt and shoes in all public areas. 9. Clear my tray, plate, cup, and utensils after eating. 10. Keep myself and my room clean. I will shower when I need it, brush my teeth, and make my bed in the morning. I will NOT: 1. Swear or use foul language. 2. Damage my dorm room or throw trash on the ground. 3. Skip soccer/futsal sessions, or attend them late. 4. Use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; or use matches and candles in my room. 5. Trespass into area of the College that I am not allowed, included girls’ dorms (for boys) or boys’ dorms (for girls). 6. Leave my dorm wing during sleeping hours. 7. Wear my cleats indoors, including the dormitory facility. 8. Play very loud music. 9. Bully or mistreat my fellow campers. 10. Fight with or threaten other

Safety and Security Plan
We are committed to the safety and well being of your children. Your children will be safe with us at all of our camps, and especially at our overnight camp. As parents, teachers, and members of various local youth soccer and futsal programs, those of us involved in In The Net have your child’s welfare as our highest priority. In order to alleviate any concerns that parents might have, we have listed below the measures that we have taken to ensure your child’s well-being. If you have any remaining questions and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Camp Director, Patrick Mulcahy at patrick@inthenetsportsacademy or 315-415-3834.

A Safe Location
We chose Daniel Webster College as the location for our camp in part because of its beautiful and safe campus. DWC is a small college community where everyone knows everyone else. Faculty, staff, and campus security are visible about the campus during the summer months. Removed from urban center, and largely dormant in the summer, there are very few students on campus during the summer.

Campus Security
Daniel Webster College is a safe campus in part because of the constant vigilance of its security staff. DWC’s Department of Safety and Security employs full-time officers who patrol the campus 24 hours a day and respond to a variety of calls including all emergencies. The Department’s mission is to support the college in its mission by providing exceptional services that promote a safe and well ordered environment for the community. The Department aspires to carry out its mission in a compassionate manner guided by the values of respect, integrity, service, and excellence.

KidSafe Certified Staff
All of the camp counselors, coaches, and trainers of In The Net have been carefully vetted by our organizations. They are not only good trainers, they are good persons. To ensure this, we require that all of our staff be KidSafe certified. KidSafe is a certification program through Granite State Soccer that performs a mandatory background check for all soccer and futsal personnel. In addition, all of our staff have worked with us for years, or come highly recommended by local soccer clubs and schools. All have had their backgrounds rigorously scrutinized, and have provided references.

Our Team and Buddy System
Our Staff will know where your child is at each and every moment of every day. We have several mechanisms to ensure that your child is safe and sound. First, our Team System places your child in a group of 12 children under one coach (for ages 10 and under, that coach will have a high-school aged assistant). The main job of that coach is to know the whereabouts of each member of his team 24 hours per day. Head-counts will occur at every major juncture of the day (wake-up, breakfast, morning training, lunch, etc.). Campers will be strictly instructed never to leave their team without the express consent of their coach (even then, they will not go unattended). That coach has as his or her main job the safety and security of his/her 12 campers. Each parent will be given the cell-phone number of their child’s coach, so that if they have any concerns or questions throughout the week, they can reach their child or the child’s coach. Second, our Buddy System requires that your child always be accompanied by a peer from his/her group—for bathroom visits, traveling to and from meals, and in the dorm rooms for sleeping at night. No child will ever be alone! Third, our Director’s Oversight means that the Camp Director, Patrick Mulcahy, and owner of In The Net) will know the name of each and every child in the camp. Patrick will know the group in which your child is placed, and where each group can be found at each moment of the day. He will be available at any time should your child have an emergency and will be accessible by cell-phone should a parent need to reach him. Our Dormitory Security Daniel Webster College’s dorms are highly secure facilities. Girls and boys stay on separate floors and are not permitted on each other’s floors. All building entrance and exit doors are locked day and night. No one but campers and approved coaches and counselors will be permitted in the buildings. And absolutely no one (children included) will be allowed to enter or leave the buildings between “Lights Out” (10:00 p.m.) and “Rise and Shine” (7:30 a.m.). Coaches and counselors for each team will have a room on each floor. Campers will sleep two-to-a-room, and have the ability to lock their doors. A small team of counselors will do head-counts before Lights Out, and do rounds during the night to make sure children are resting.

Medical and Nursing Care
Our Overnight Camp will have a registered nurse on staff 24 hours a day in order to address any medical issues that arise. Campers are asked to note any allergies, health issues, food sensitivities, etc. upon registration. That information is collected by the nurse and camp staff, and is carefully noted by each team’s coach and chaperones. Any illnesses or health issue that arise will be immediately addressed by our nurse, and parents will be notified without delay. Should your child suffer a sports injury, it will be treated professionally by Daniel Webster College Trainers, one of whom will be available throughout the day for the Overnight Campers.

Our Parental Invitation
While we request that you give your child the space to enjoy him or herself during their time away from home, we understand that you would like to check on your child and ensure his or her well-being. Therefore, we invite you to watch your child play during the evening scrimmage (6:30-8:00 p.m.) each day. If those times are inconvenient, and you would like to check in with your child at a different time, please contact Camp Director Patrick Mulcahy to make arrangements (it is important that we avoid too many distractions provided by visitors at all times during the day). If you have serious concerns or emergencies, you will be provided with the cell-phone numbers of your child’s camp coach, and of the Camp Director, Patrick Mulcahy.

Medical Procedures
Our staff (including our athletic trainer and camp registered nurse [RN]) is prepared to follow precise guidelines when faced with the medical needs of our campers, including administration of medication, handling allergic reactions or mild illnesses, and addressing medical emergencies.

Administration of medication
1. Written authorization from parent will be obtained in order to administer medications, including prescription, non-prescription, and topical medications. 2. Written record of administration will be maintained and kept in camper’s file. 3. Medication shall only be administered by the camp registered nurse (RN) or by a staff member under the professional oversight of the RN. Medication shall be given only if it is from the original prescription container, and there is written permission from the parent.

For Sports-Related Injuries
1. Daniel Webster College’s certified athletic trainers will be on hand in order to address any sports related injuries that may occur. These trainers are fully equipped to provide professional evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Whether it is a case of a blister, bruise, scrape, muscle strain, sprained ankle, concussion, fracture or other injury, campers will be given the highest quality care without delay. After daytime hours, all athletic injuries will be addressed by the camp RN.

For Mild Illness (Non-Emergency)
1. Campers who are feeling mildly ill will have their parents notified immediately for consultation and possible pick-up. Parent contact information is held on location. 2. Campers with mild illness will be monitored by our RN, given fluids, and encouraged to rest until a parent arrives, or until feeling well enough to resume normal activity. 3. Campers who leave camp because of illness are permitted to return when feeling better. 5. All first aid treatment will be recorded in a medical log on location. Each entry will include date of illness/injury, child’s name, injury/symptoms, and treatment given. No medication will be given without the express consent of parent and without a trained medical professional.

For Severe Illness or Injury (Emergency Procedures)
Please note that In The Net has an excellent record of avoiding serious injuries. With a caring and watchful staff, we fully expect to avoid such incidents. However, we have taken every precaution.) 1. If a camper should suffer a serious illness or injury, the RN will immediately administer first aid/CPR, an ambulance will be called (if necessary), and parents will be contacted by phone (all emergency contact numbers are kept on location). 2. If the camper is in critical condition, the camper will be transported by ambulance to the hospital. If not in critical condition, the camper will be transported by parents or the camp director (with parental consent) to the local hospital or physicians office. 4. A report shall be completed for each injury that results in a camper being sent home or in a camper being taken to the hospital or physician’s office.


Have any other questions? Please feel free to email us at patrick@inthenetsportsacademy.com.