Winter Volleyball Serving and Passing Clinics

An Academy Focused On Improving Your Serve and Pass Skills

gir playing volleyball

Skill LevelAll

The volleyball serve is the first form of attack and only skill where a player has complete control of the skill. Players will learn proper footwork, toss, arm swing and ball contact. We will also cover different types of serves and serving placement. By incorporating serving drills and games, players will be learning while having fun. This clinic is for anyone desiring to become a better server.

The underhand pass or dig is the most basic defensive movement in volleyball. The passing clinic will help each player become a better passer. Players will learn proper technique, footwork and movement to improve player’s defensive abilities. We will also cover how to: dig spikes, pass serves, read the attacker, emergency skills (sprawls, extensions, dives, and rolls), pass free balls, covering under the block and transition to attack. Become indispensable to your team!

Setters and hitters will be combined towards the end of each class so that they can have a more realistic experience in learning to adjust.

Please bring water, ball, knee pads, ankle brace (if needed) & work-out attire to every class.

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DayDatesLocationClinicAge & Price
Monday, 6:00 - 7:30p3/7/22 - 4/11/22Westwood YMCA, NashuaSkills & Drills (beginner to intermediate level)Ages 12-15, $250
Thursday, 5:00 - 6:00p1/8/22 - 2/24/22Westwood YMCA, NashuaSkills & Drills (beginner)Ages 8-14, $105
Thursday, 6:15 - 7:15p1/8/22 - 2/24/22Westwood YMCA, NashuaSkills & Drills (beginner)Ages 8-14, $105