Volleyball Game and Player Analysis

Full Written Analysis of All Aspects of the Volleyball Game

VolleyballCoaches, not sure if you are:

Running the right plays, playing the right formation that suits your players and team best, making the right substitutions and at the right times?

ITN can help with some of these questions as well as any others that you may have. In The Net will provide a full written game analysis breaking down your teams warm-up, individual and team strengths / weaknesses, technical and tactical areas / decision making and your teams final cool-down.


  • U10 and below…$50/game*
  • U11 and U12…$60/game*
  • U13 and U14…$70/game*
  • U15 and above (including High School)…$80/game*

*Depending on location mileage & travel expenses may apply

Games and or seasonal packages are available

Analysis can be scheduled at your convenience by contacting patrick@inthenetsportsacademy.com