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cheerleading training
Welcome to In The Net’s Cheerleading Academy!

Cheerleading is our most energetic – not to mention loudest – class at In The Net. The stunts, jumps, chants and cheers give you a healthy first step towards an active lifestyle. And at the same time students will learn teamwork, trust and cooperation.

With their teacher as their coach, their skills and confidence grow. Stunts and movement teach coordination and balance, while the team environment helps build trust among the class.

Classes are taught in a fun, non-competitive environment and encourages team work as well as discipline. Children will learn basic cheer motions, jumps, kicks, cheers and chants, as well as basic stunting and tumbling. Children will walk away with knowledge of the sport and be able to pursue higher levels of cheer if desired.

During “Show Week”, you’ll be their biggest fan as they strut their stuff before an appreciative crowd.

Our coaches apply proven development techniques as well as incorporate innovative ways of training and coaching our students in a safe, educational and fun environment.

Dress Code: Children should wear clothing that is non-restrictive (jeans not recommended). Tennis shoes with socks will be worn at all times. Hair must be worn away from the face. No jewelry (stud style earrings only).

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