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Summer Volleyball Clinics

Volleyball Camps For Athletes At All Skill Levels

In The Net’s goal is to provide the best volleyball skills development programs for boys and girls through positive, fun and professional coaching methods. ITN Volleyball summer camps start at Grade 5 and goes up to the collegiate level athlete emphasizing on learning, practicing, and improving all aspects of a player’s game. Small sided games and situation drills enable team awareness skills to be strengthened and developed during our summer program. Players are trained individually and in small groups to develop the essential skills of volleyball such as passing, serving, hitting, setting, and blocking, as well as positional responsibility.


This camp is specifically designed for athletes that are new to volleyball. Training will gradually increase in terms of the difficulty according to the groups understanding and execution. Individual skills development will be the main focus.

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Team Training

Designed to teach the on your team how to work together and function in a team environment. These clinics focus on technical volleyball skills to help master the ball as well as tactical decision making in order for the players to be most effective on the court as a team.

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Setters will learn proper hand position, footwork to the pass, and leadership skills. Practice the execution of various sets and patterns in game-like situations, learn to run different offenses, on court decision-making and start every game with a great serve.

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The volleyball serve is the first form of attack and only skill where a player has complete control of the skill. Players will learn proper footwork, toss, arm swing and ball contact. We will also cover different types of serves and serving placement.

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Advanced Camp

Advanced Camps are recommended for the High School Varsity athletes and club players with a commitment to the sport and the motivation to take their game to the next level. These intense, challenging programs stress position play.

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High School Prep

Prepare your body and skills for the upcoming High School season. This camp is geared for those entering or currently attending High School (14+ years of age). This 3 hour session places intense focus on fitness.

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Middle School Prep

Prepare your skills for the upcoming Middle School volleyball season with this camp. It focuses on (speed and strength training), passing, serving, hitting, setting, and blockin while learning team responsibilities.

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Private/Small Group

This program will enhance players’ existing strengths and address their technical weaknesses in a low pressure environment while improving their overall confidence with the ball through repetition.

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Evening Camp

Set up for those parents and kids that cannot fit the day camp program into their busy schedules but still want to improve their skills in a fun and challenging environment through focused training sessions lead by licensed professionals.

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