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Testimonials From In The Net’s Athletes And Their Parents

In The Net Sports Academy is proud of the quality of coaching instruction we provide and actively seeks feedback and comments so that we can continuously improve. Below you will find testimonials from virtually every perspective, parents, young players, mature players, new players and coaches.

Xander, 7 yrs oldMr. Big Cheese (Patrick), please don’t tell the other coaches but you’re super cool and my favorite coach EVER. – February 27, 2014

ParentI am writing to let you know I had a great time at the golf class that just finished. Coach Johnnie “Shooter” (he never did say his last name) did an excellent job. He was able to go from instructing a six year old to an adult without a missing a step. I was very impressed with how quickly he could find the issues with your swing. Instead of giving you laundry list of things to work on he was able to instruct the area that would yield the biggest improvement. He kept a great positive fun atmosphere for the entire class. I was very impressed and surprised with the value of the class. Thanks for a great class!

ParentThank you Patrick for all your help with my son, he really loves working with you. Not only do you help him with his “technical skills,” but it has boosted his confidence to a much more productive place. He feels confident with the ball and is back to his old ways of loving the game. Thanks again, not only for your work with my son, but for all the kids.

Parent I wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting John in place to provide the lessons at the Town Line driving range. I could not have had my expectations exceeded any more based on the instruction he provided. His energy and genuine care for his students age 6-60 made it an absolute joy to partake in this program. I have not had the ability to receive any true instruction until now, and feel that my confidence and game play will surely continue to improve from this point on. If there is ever opportunity for you to employ him for further lessons, I would highly recommend you to do so. As well, I would happily recommend friends and family to sign up and improve their game!!

ParentPatrick, We are so happy you added field hockey and skate boarding to your program. There is such a demand for field hockey skills training because it is so new to the area and Joss is absolutely fantastic! My daughter has not only loved the group clinics but is always asking us to do more private lessons. And, my son totally loved the skate boarding camp and Ben was “so rad!” You continue to provide such a great, diverse program for kids of all ages and abilities, well done!

ParentPatrick, my son Peter had an awesome time this past week at the skate camp. He learned so many new tricks and as a mother, I now feel a lot more comfortable letting him ride on his own knowing he at least has the basics under his belt. Peter looks forward to coming back again next year and learning the advanced tricks he saw the older kids working on. Thank you so much!

ParentHi Patrick, even though there are only 5 girls in the lacrosse clinic, boy did they have a blast! Ally has played travel lacrosse for 2 years, but brought three of her friends that are “newbies” and they had the best time! I coach girl’s lacrosse and even got some pointers on some effective drills just by watching them a bit. Honestly, your program is worth every penny and would do it again in a heartbeat. Your coaches have been fantastic!

ParentPatrick, The kids are having a great time with Alejandro! He is a fantastic tennis instructor…very low key, patient, having fun with the kids, and it shows…he is a great asset to your program. Thank you for providing the camp and we will continue to spread the word about all new wonderful avenues ITN now offers!

ParentPatrick, my daughter has not stopped talking about your volleyball camp and how much fun she has had with all your coaches. She has learned more this week than any of the other clinics we’ve tried. Keep it up because you will continue to see us on a regular basis, with friends too!

ParentPatrick: My daughter, Abigail W. just began playing soccer last fall once she hit kindergarten. She enjoyed it then but loves it now!! She comes home from camp and can’t wait to go back the next day. She enthusiastically tells me what she learned that day. I thank you for helping to provide such a strong foundation for her regarding soccer and team sports.

ParentPatrick: Let me start off with a HUGE THANK YOU!! She LOVED it!!! All week she could not wait to go and enjoyed herself and learned a ton! While she was really sore especially the first couple of days, she was like bring it on. She was so proud of learning to dive. She was nervous and scared the first few times but loved it! The coach, Fritz enlightened them with a story every night, her favorite being the player who had eaten worms before every game. When I asked her if she would want to do this next summer she gave me one of those looks like are you honestly asking me this, does my enthusiasm all week not show you that I want more…So needless to say she can’t wait for another goalie camp. I am hoping during the school vacations there are ones you offer through Rising Star or other arenas in the area. So anyway, Thank you!, your camp was AWESOME! Have a great remainder of the summer and looking forward to coming events through In the Net!

Parent ….Patrick: My kids had a great time at camp. My five year old, Rachel is still talking about her trophy and is showing everyone how to give a strong hand shake that she learned from Fritz. My son Noah has a lot more confidence in the game and is excited to play for his team in the fall. I want to thank you for the experience. I really appreciated the way you were always there and available for any questions and concerned. Keep up the good work and we hope to see you next year.

Denise, Parent…..Ashley had a wonderful experience at your camp. She usually does not like camps and does not want to go, so I would have to drag her there. With In The Net Soccer she was up and ready to go yelling at me to hurry up! She can’t wait until next year to do the full day camp. Keep up the good work.

Katie Conmy GU13….Dear Webbie: thanks a lot for being the greatest coach I have ever had! In the little time I had to work with you, I really learned a lot! Thanks for coming from South Africa and giving up your summer to train us. From day one to the last day, I really learned a lot and progressed with my skills! I love the sport of soccer even more now which I thought was impossible. I had a lot of fun at this camp and I’m glad you were there to make it a blast! Thanks for teaching me lots of great tricks…don’t worry, I’ll practice them. I hope you enjoy your stay in the US and I will DEFINITELY see you next year at In The Net!

Parent, 2005 summer campI wanted to let you know that my daughter LOVED your camp! She is not one to go and have fun, most of the time I have to shove her out the door to the camp parking lot….she couldn’t wait for the next day with your group! She said all the councilors where COOL and FUN, and happy to participate with them! Hats off to you and your group!

Laura Cardinal, ParentFirst let me say THANK YOU! My son Trevor Cardinal has been playing soccer for about 5 years now. When I finally realized I needed to commit myself to him excelling in soccer and enroll him on the Travel Soccer Team, I had to take a long deep breath and ask myself if I could handle it as well as Trevor. After much “begging”, by Trevor, I decided I should put forth the effort if he is willing to. I signed him up for the travel team and low and behold, he made the “cut”. After speaking with his coach, he suggested Trevor should enroll in the In The Net Soccer Camp. I was again reluctant, but realized Trevor has dedicated himself for many years and this wasn’t just a “fluke”, I better enroll him in your program per the coach’s suggestion. I spoke with Trevor long and hard and explained to him that this so far would be the hardest he would ever play. He told me point blank he was ready to commit to the Mon – Fri, 9am to 3pm schedule and the effort and the commitment. Never mind the hot weather, never mind the endurance, never mind the going to bed early during the summer, he assured me he was ready to go full throttle with your camp. Well, Trevor has come home exhausted, worn out beyond belief and happy gal-ore!! He told me tonight, he LOVES your camp. The games you play, the tricks he has learned and the skills you and your staff have taught him we be logged in his memory forever!! With that said, again I want to let you know that I Thank you! I Thank your staff, their commitment, their dedication and their abilities! Thank you all VERY VERY much!

Aaron Wich (BU14 player. Brazil’05)Travel – Well, like any 9 hour plane ride, the ride there was kind of boring. It’s not that there weren’t things to do on the plane (because there were, each seat had a TV with choice of channels, plus whatever you brought from home to keep you occupied), but I slept most of the time due to the flight time, the 4 hour car ride to the airport, and the 6-7 hour wait in the airport (which wasn’t bad because it gave us a chance to meet some of our teammates). While in Brazil, we had the comfort of our own coach bus which brought us everywhere, except for the beach in Santos. Accommodations – We also had good accommodations while in Brazil. We had 3 roommates in each room, which were chosen for us (not a bad thing really because it gave us a chance to get to know our teammates). Each room had 3 beds (well one room had two beds and a cot that was actually more comfortable than the bed… I got the cot), a refrigerator, bathroom with a shower, a TV (perfect if you know Portuguese), and a window with a view (we had fun with that).Safety- Safety is probably the least of your worries. We weren’t allowed anywhere without a chaperone that kept a close eye on us. We usually traveled as a whole, but when we went off to do different things we would be in small groups with at least one chaperone. Soccer- The soccer experience is incomparable. Not only are you playing against some of the best Brazilian teams for the area, you are also playing with some of the best kids, your age, from around the U.S. Playing down there really makes you have to think about all that you’ve learned. The biggest thing that I think was different was the increase in the speed of play. All in all, it was a fantastic trip that I highly recommend going on. The people you meet and get to play with also help to make the trip worthwhile. Not only this, but you also get to experience a week in a different culture and you find how it feels to be in a country where you don’t necessarily know what they are trying to tell you and you can’t necessarily communicate with them. Thank you Patrick for opening up this wonderful opportunity to me.

Jeanne Wurtele, Parent“Abi really enjoyed both camps. I also wanted to let you know that as a result of all the time you and Abi have spent over the last 8 months, Abi was able to land a roster spot on the U14 Seacoast Team for the spring. She’s been working out at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day. We bought her a ladder, a reaction ball and some of the other agility tools for her to work out with. We plan to enroll her in the Select High School Prep Academy as well as the United Soccer Academy camp (with Jenn Jenkins) in Tilton. Thanks for everything…Rick and I are convinced that your experience, and training, helped Abi gain the skill and confidence that she needed to push herself to her next level of soccer…she’s really motivated.”

Elizabeth Krupkin, ParentWe are very grateful for all the energy that you put into this camp! Your hard work shows. My children Ben, and DeeDee are so encouraged! They have had such a great time at camp this week. It has been a very positive force on them…and they are talking about your great staff of amazing coaches! We are so glad we chose your camp. You and your camp really made a difference in our family! Thank you for your generosity, time and commitment to teaching our children this fun sport! We will definitely spread the word to our friends! Ben wants to get autographs tomorrow.”

DeeDee Krupkin, PlayerI loved my week at camp. I want this week to never end. Thank you for showing me soccer skills. I loved first-touch. I like all the coaches!”

Ben Krupkin, Player“I had a great time playing soccer. The coaches were very dedicated to their students. You are the coolest soccer player! I loved playing one-on-one, it really helped me hone in my skills. All in all, the coaches were great, the games were unique, and playing in the rain was the best experience.”
Louise Germain, Parent“First of all, I would like to say that from what I was able to observe, you did a remarkable job with the kids. Kevin truly enjoyed attending the camp, and although in the past he has played goalie on occasion, I’m certain that he came away with some excellent pointers. You’re rapport with the kids needs to be commended, and we want to thank you for all of your efforts this past week. Keep up the good work!”

Erika Sadeghi, U17B player“COACH, It’s been a while! I wanted to let you know about the weekend I went for that ODP tournament…I scored 4 out of the 6 goals and assisted the other two. That’s not all! I scored 2 out of the 4 with my HEAD. I just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done for me. It obviously shows how much I have advanced as a player when I play against girls. thanks again.”

Richard Barnes, Hooksett Travel Soccer Coach“Pat: You are the man! Sarah and her two teammates had a great time this week! She’s already talking about next year! It was the best camp she has been to! Also the communication between you and the participants, such as the confirmation emails prior to the camp and the thank you email after, tell me you’ re really on top of things. Great job!

Scott LaNeve, U11B Div. 1 Parent“Patrick evaluated our son’s soccer skills and worked with us to develop a custom training schedule based on our specific needs. We began to see improvements right away and we were not the only ones, team mates and coaches saw it too. He restored our son’s confidence and enjoyment in the game of soccer. His practice sessions are as much fun as they are technically sound, educational and challenging. Patrick is a great coach because kids like him, look up to him and they are happy to learn from him; it is that simple! Patrick has a rare ability to blend good solid training with a healthy dose of fun and play. He is very energetic and extremely knowledgeable so each session is packed from start to finish with engaging drills and games. Patrick provides a tremendous value to the soccer community.”

Eileen Scullin, U13G Select Div. Parent“My daughter is a 12 year old Select Division player who has been working with Patrick in a one on one environment on a weekly basis for the past 6 months. The improvement in her footwork, speed, endurance, confidence and general game sense has been dramatic. Tara looks forward to the training and truly enjoys working with Patrick. I encourage all serious soccer players to contact Patrick to discuss his training programs.”

Kristen Thornton, U16G Premier, ODP and Varsity HS PlayerPatrick has helped me restore my confidence by providing a very positive and competitive environment in each session. He does an excellent job of combining a very demanding physical workout while improving individual skills and footwork/speed (agility ladder). The training sessions make me work hard but at the same time, have a lot fun too.”

Paul Parisi, Owner of Rising Stars Sports Complex“Over the past 6 months, I had Patrick work with both my son, 12 years old, and my daughter, 10 years old, twice a week. I have watched both Mike and Holly develop the essential skills they need to become more valuable players and more contributing members to their respective teams. Patrick has been able to identify and strengthen their weaknesses while building their self-esteem. I have seen thousands of trainers/coaches since opening up Rising Stars 10 years ago, but I must say Patrick is one of the best!”

Missy Lonie, U18G Premier, ODP and Varsity HS Player“I love working with Patrick because he is constructive and very positive. He has helped rebuild my confidence and my passion for the game. Patrick’s training sessions help polish old skills as well as teach new ones. He is very patient when teaching a new skill and works with me until I get it. Patrick demands a lot from me and makes me rise to the occasion; but I always leave exhilarated, exhausted and excited to go back!”

Jim Lynch, ConVal SC U11B Div. 2 Head Coach“My son Ethan, 10 years old, has been working with Patrick for at least 2 years now and has had many 1v1 sessions. Ethan has definitely benefited greatly from them! Patrick has had the proper amount of patience, skill level and hard work in each session and has made every lesson a fun and challenging experience for Ethan. He has made Ethan a better player in many aspects of his game, has given him a real love for the game and best of all, has been a terrific role model for Ethan, learning how to conduct yourself both on and off the field.”

Mark Andrews, Milford U9 Div. 1 Head Coach“Patrick has been training my daughter, 7 years old, since the summer of 2001. During this time he has worked on the development of technical skills from the basic to complex always keeping Morgan involved and motivated. She has become more confident in her ability to play the game based on the Skills learned from Patrick in this highly focused environment. His ability to communicate the fundamentals of the game of soccer while keeping the trainings fun and enjoyable is truly unique.”

Melanie Kohli, U9 Div. 2 Parent“After recovering from meningitis, we found that Jonathon, 8 years old, had lost a lot of coordination and balance. He tried to learn the skills the other children were mastering on his team but he kept slipping further behind. This resulted in complete frustration on his part and gave a real blow to his confidence. Despite this, he refused to give up and we turned to Patrick for help. We have only been with Patrick for 2 months but there is already a huge improvement with Jonathon’s coordination, skills and self-esteem. Patrick has just the right mix of patience, humor and good old fashioned hard work which makes each session a huge success.”

Leslie Takessian, U10 Div. 1 Parent“When we heard about Patrick offering 1v1 training sessions we were intrigued. Our son Mitch, 10 years old, loves to play soccer and always wants to learn more. We decided to try the skills training and continued them weekly through the summer and fall. Mitch’s skills and self-confidence has greatly improved because it truly shows on the field. Patrick has a great way with kids and I know so many look up to him, including my son. We will definitely continue working with Patrick this season and many more to come.”

Joey Stiefel, U11B Div. 1 Player for the NH StarsI loved my 1v1 sessions because Pat worked me really hard and I did not even know it because it was so fun. I wish I could do them every day because the hour flew by. My favorite part of the practices were goalie wars because it was so fast and it really helped me with my shooting.”

Donna DeStefano, U11B Div. 1 Parent“Patrick has been working with my son weekly both indoors and outside for a year now. I have seen a tremendous confidence boost in his playing ability and ball control. Patrick is able to week after week challenge Johnny while keeping each session fun so he continually wants to go back. Pat is Awesome!”