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Year Round Volleyball Training

Volleyball Clinics, Camps & Programs For Athletes At All Skill Levels

In The Net’s goal is to provide the best volleyball skills development programs for boys and girls through positive, fun and professional coaching methods. In The Net’s year round Volleyball training starts at Grade 5 and goes up to the collegiate level athlete emphasizing on learning, practicing, and improving all aspects of a player’s game.

Small sided games and situation drills enable team awareness skills to be strengthened and developed during our summer program. Players are trained individually and in small groups to develop the essential skills of volleyball such as passing, serving, hitting, setting, and blocking, as well as positional responsibility.

Private/Small Group

Each youth player develops skills independently and experience individual growth in their game at different times. This program will enhance players’ existing strengths and address their technical weaknesses in a low pressure environment while improving their overall confidence.

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Team Training

Designed to teach the on your team how to work together and function in a team environment. These clinics focus on technical volleyball skills to help master the ball as well as tactical decision making in order for the players to be most effective on the court as a team.

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International Tours

In The Net offers international programs for individual volleyball players and/or volleyball teams. Give your child the once in a lifetime unique experience by traveling abroad and competing against players from around the world.

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Coaches Clinic

Regardless of your level of volleyball coaching experience, In The Net’s Volleyball Coaches Clinic will improve you or your coaching staff’s capabilities by introducing new ideas, games and coaching methodologies.

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Game Analysis

The Net will provide a full written volleyball game analysis breaking down your teams warm-up, individual and team strengths / weaknesses, technical and tactical areas / decision making and your teams final cool-down.

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College Recruiting

In The Net offers professional guidance for volleyball players that are being recruited to play in college. High school aged girls will be guided through the college recruiting process by our volleyball director who would be available for individual or group discussion on the college recruiting process.

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