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Dance Hip Hop Classes & Clinics

Professional Coaching For Hip Hop Dancers

dance training
Welcome to In The Net’s Dance Hip Hop Academy!

Whether you’re looking to pick up a few moves, get some exercise, meet new people or just have a lot of fun, we’ve got it all here for you! Each class starts with a warm-up full of free styling, stretching and conditioning guaranteed to get your heart pounding. Then we move into choreography set to today‘s groove-worthy jams which combines old and new school Hip Hop and adds in a touch of Latin, African, Modern, Swing, House, or whatever else is blowin’ up the dance floors today. All of this is wrapped in a package that promises to challenge even the most seasoned vets while still allowing complete beginners to get a solid and fun introduction to dance.

All of the basic dance skills like keeping rhythm, following choreography and developing body control, as well as performance skills such as stage presence, acting, and improvisation are taught through kid-friendly Hip Hop & Funk style music and movement.

In these highly popular classes, we also play games, teach Hip Hop history and even hold contests to create a fun and motivating learning environment for your child. Throughout the session the students work together with FUNKMODE to create an original performance piece for family and friends which will showcase all of their hard-earned talents and abilities.

During “Show Week”, you’ll be their biggest fan as they strut their stuff before an appreciative crowd.

Our coaches apply proven development techniques as well as incorporate innovative ways of training and coaching our students in a safe, educational and fun environment.

Dress Code: Children should wear clothing that is non-restrictive (jeans not recommended). Tennis shoes with socks will be worn at all times. Hair must be worn away from the face. No jewelry (stud style earrings only).

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