custom lacrosse stick stringing

Lacrosse Stick Stringing

Custom Stringing Within An Hour

custom lacrosse stick stringing
Lacrosse has been played for hundreds of years and throughout its history, the equipment has evolved. Although the modern stick is technologically advanced and is made of plastics and nylon strings, the basic concept is the same – a stick with a net on top. Stringing a stick can be 100% customized to the players style and desired look. Rather than taking it to a sports shop and dropping it off for days, sometimes weeks, have a professional with years of experience stringing boys and girls sticks of all ages and levels, come to your house or meet you somewhere and have it done to your liking within an hour!

Different playing styles, ability levels, and positions benefit from different stinging styles, so it’s a regular part of any laxer’s program, to weave custom pockets into their sticks.

You provide the mesh kit, $10-15 at any sporting goods store (we can even help you pick out the best one) and we’ll do the rest!

$20/stick and it’ll be done within an hour, around your schedule, at your convenience.

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