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Want to play at the collegiate level?
The recruiting process is a complex, winding journey that is directed largely by the student-athlete. The more you know about the recruiting process — and the more effort you put into getting the results you want — the better chance you have to fulfill your dream of competing at the college level.

When does recruiting start?
Recruiting is starting earlier and earlier each year, especially at the Division 1 level. Depending on your experience/level, the process begins when you’re a freshman. In most cases, we advise that athletes start the recruiting process before their junior year.

What are the steps?
In The Net can walk you through the process step by step from how to create a list of potential schools, introductory emails, video, visits, rules, calls, etc. With over 10 years serving the local sports community, we have a proven step by step formula.

Our Team:
Two former Division 1 college coaches with over 40 years of experience combined, one current Division 2 coach, one former Division 3 coach, and one former Division 1 student athlete that played pro.

Sample of where In The Net player’s are?
Oklahoma U, U of Arizona, Georgetown, Quinnipiac, Virginia, UMass, Seton Hall, Princeton, Cornell, Assumption, Stonehill, Bentley, U of Maine, SNHU, RPI