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Summer Camps

Speed and Strength Program

This performance training program is designed to build on an individual’s current abilities and training, creating athletic progression for each participant through different levels of drills making them a stronger and faster athlete, regardless of sport and age.
Designed to improve the function of the athlete’s neuromuscular system (How the brain and body work together). Athletes will experience improvements in linear speed, lateral quickness, vertical explosiveness, and overall strength/power. These training methods improve physical performance in all sports through better preparation of the athlete for the demands of competition. Simply, athletes and teams improve their strength, agility, conditioning and quickness.
We will educate and train you to maximize your speed, strength, balance, coordination, explosiveness, endurance, and flexibility in order to peak athletically for your sport while reducing your risk of injury.
Monday: Sports Strengthening (legs, core, upper & flexibility); Wednesday: Speed & Agility (running drills, foot work, change direction, acceleration)





Winter Clinics

Speed and Strength

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ADVANCED Speed & Strength Training

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